Celebrity Type Skin Care With Timeless Serums

Beautiful skin isn’t just for celebrities.  In fact, beauty products can be traced back to 10,000 BC!  Civilizations have protected their skin and used cosmetics for a very long time.  As early as the 1920s, fashion magazines were advertising beauty products that piqued interest and the rise of motion pictures prompted women to look like onscreen sirens. Technicolor added to the rush when audiences could see red lips and inky black lashes.  Television further prompted a desire to look great plus it brought about a new advertising medium for skincare and cosmetics.  

Today, the internet and social media has created a wave of buzz about countless beauty products including what celebrities use to keep themselves looking amazing.  Unsurprisingly, people flock toward these products or buzzy ingredients to get celebrity-grade skin. Thanks to independent brands, these celebrity-grade products are available for great prices but deliver superstar results.  If you are looking for items such as the best vitamin C serum for oily skin and a dermaroller to maximize product absorption, have a look at Timeless Skin Care.

The Best Vitamin C Serum for Oily Skin

Oil-rich skins produce excess sebum therefore are highly prone to acne.  In addition to high sebum levels, acne can be caused by bacteria and environmental factors.  A good vitamin C serum for oily skins will address all of these issues thanks to the most fundamental properties of this multi-tasking ingredient.  Vitamin C in its purest form is ascorbic acid, a potent antioxidant that can repair skin at the cellular level while acting as an antibacterial treatment.  A quality vitamin C serum is a must-have for oily skin as it will protect your complexion from environmental triggers while providing an antibacterial shield to help prevent blemishes.


One of the trendiest skincare procedures is microneedling.  Despite its fear-inducing name, this procedure feels more like gentle pin pricks as tiny, micro-fine needles are rolled over the face.  Microneedling helps to treat acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines, stimulate collagen production, and create minute openings in the skin so treatment products can penetrate deeper.  Once only performed at med spas and dermatologist offices, you can treat yourself to this procedure at home using a dermaroller. These popular tools emulate the results you would get from a professional treatment for a fraction of the cost.  One thing to keep in mind is the needles can become a bit dull with use, so dermarollers do need to be replaced like your toothbrush.

Timeless Skin Care

Focusing on active ingredients, clean formulas, and proven results, Timeless Skin Care offers modern products that live up to their claims.  The modest pricing means more people can try these excellent items plus it shatters the myth that good skincare products are expensive. Plus, Timeless Skin Care is manufactured in the United States and has partnered with American companies for product development, preparation and testing.  Brand ethics go further in that no products or ingredients are tested on animals and the only animal by-product in the entire line is emu oil in an eye cream. If you are looking for an effective, results-driven regimen that comfortably fits within your budget, Timeless Skin Care can give you that celebrity wattage but without the celebrity price tag.

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