The 5 Best Road Trips in Europe

Road trips have been one of the preferred holiday methods for decades, and many of us have been taking them since we were young children. The only thing better than a road trip, is doing it in a campervan! Organise your campervan hire and then start planning your next road trip. Here are our favourite 5 road trips in Europe, allowing you to experience everything this vast continent has to offer. The variation in skill level and views ensures there is a road trip for everyone! 

1. The North Coast 500

One of the most famous road trips in the UK, the North Coast 500 is a circular 500 mile trip at the very north of the UK. It heads along the Scottish coast, starting and ending at Inverness. The route can be done in four days, but we would recommend taking a week to enjoy the trip properly and not rush it. You’ll get to see plenty of Scottish lochs, as well as the Grey Cairns of Camster. Be sure to pack some waterproof clothing, as even in the height of summer, Scottish weather can disappoint! 

2. Amalfi Coast

The ideal road trip for people who enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle, as the Amalfi Coast is known for extravagance, beautiful beaches and mouth watering food and drinks. People have been spending holidays at the Amalfi Coast for centuries, but did you know it is also a perfect road trip? It’s a harder drive, not for beginners, given the winding roads and inclines. But you’ll get the best views of Italian scenery and architecture, plus plenty of delicious food along the way. Avoid taking this trip in summer, when it will be incredibly busy, so aim for spring instead.

3. Ring of Kerry

Ireland is renowned for its stunning nature, being the location for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. The best way to experience these jaw dropping views is behind the wheel of a campervan! The Ring of Kerry lets you explore the best of central Ireland in a 200km loop. You start and finish in Killarney, and be sure to visit the incredible Killarney National Park while there! Find out why the Irish are so lucky by experiencing this beautiful country behind the wheel of a campervan.

4. Trollstigen

Ready for one of the most scenic road trips across Europe? Drive the magnificent Troll Route and Road 63, which comprise the Trollstigen road trip. This is another difficult drive, with 11 hairpin bends and reaching 858 metres above sea level! This trip will take you past waterfalls, soaring mountain tops and more. Be sure to bring a pair of hiking boots, as the views are best experienced on foot as well. And in Norway, wild camping is permitted in certain areas, so you can camp right in the middle of this stunning scenery.

5. Route 500

Also known as the Black Forest High Road and the B500, this is a nice, easy road trip through southern Germany. It is a calming drive, without any major inclines, and heads through the Black Forest nature reserve. It’s a short road trip, that will take you a maximum of two days. It’s also a great area for bike rides and swimming. 

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