Father’s Day Gift Giving: The 5 Dos and Don’ts

Father’s Day is coming. And, if you want to make it to the top of your old man’s favourite child list this year, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. But before you go out and panic buy some novelty socks and slippers, hold it right there. Make sure you read our dos and don’ts of Father’s Day gift giving first.

1.  Do consider your dad’s interests

News flash: not all dads are the same. When looking for gift inspiration, don’t just type ‘gifts for dads’ into Google. Instead, think specifically about your dad and his personal hobbies and interests. Does he love football? Bag him tickets to see his favourite team. Is he a fan of online slots and poker games? Treat him to a real trip to the casino.

2.  Don’t go for novelty socks

No doubt you’ve gifted a pair of novelty socks at least once in your life. But whilst funny foot warmers may bag a laugh or two, we all know where they end up: at the back of a drawer never to be seen (let alone worn) again. Learn from your past mistakes and don’t waste money on novelty socks. The same applies to novelty ties, t-shirts, slippers and underpants.

3.  Do let him sleep in

Who doesn’t appreciate the chance to catch some extra Z’s? Treat your hard-working dad to a lie-in this Father’s Day and get his morning off to the best start. If you really want to put a smile on his face, serve him breakfast in bed with his favourite Sunday newspaper. Nothing beats waking up to the smell of a freshly made bacon sandwich.

4.  Don’t ignore what he wants

Has your old man been dropping hints about some new power tool he wants? In our desperation to surprise our dads on Father’s Day, we often ignore the obvious gift choices. We want to get something our dads will not be expecting. But get this: sometimes what your dad really wants . . . is exactly the thing he says he wants.

5.  Do spend time together

We know it’s cheesy. Sometimes the best present you can give is your presence though. Even those dads who joke about just wanting ‘a bit of peace and quiet’ for Father’s Day will appreciate spending the day with their family. Make time for a big group lunch and show your old man just how much he’s loved.

So, there you have it: our dos and don’ts of giving Father’s Day gifts. Hopefully, you’ve now got a better idea of what you’ll be treating your dad to on Sunday 21st June. And if you’d already stocked up on novelty clothing before reading this, good luck finding those receipts.

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December 21, 2016