Social Media – “ A moment away from social media”

Over the years one thing that has changed in the world is the way that we communicate. With the use of social media and mobile phone communicating with people has moved to a whole new level. So here is the question of the day, can the world survive a moment without social media?


As much as social media allows us to communicate with people who are so far away from us does it allow us to connect with those who are next to us? With social media, we communicate but we do not connect. We talk with people who far away from us but we do not connect those who are next to us. So maybe we should communicate a bit less and connect with those who are close to us.


With all our time so engrossed by social media, we rarely notice the things that are right next to us. Maybe we should take a few seconds off scrolling down the Instagram feed and notice the community that we live in. Who knows, you might be the next person to change the world just by noticing one little thing.

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The world is such an amazing place, regardless of the town, city or country that we come from. Every place has that one place where one can appreciate nature. So naturally, we would want to SnapChat or Tweet about it. Maybe for a change, we could notice that moss on the tree or notice how the flowers look when the sun beams down its rays on them. Don’t update that WhatsApp status but rather notice every little change. Did you know that most of the casinos advertise their types of casino games via social media

Every moment is priceless, so we should just appreciate in silence. Who says the world has to know that my bae got me a new necklace or that mum and dad bought me that car I always wanted. Just take a moment and appreciate outside social media.

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