A Look at the Many Different Uses of Boom and Scissor Lifts for Your Business

An aerial lift (such as boom lifts and scissor lifts) is often seen on roads and motorways, fixing and repairing telephone lines, cable lines, and electrical lines. This type of lift is often equipped with a moving arm, which bends and allows access to tall structures and trees, along with other types of infrastructure. The main use for aerial lifts is to move workers to and from high or hard-to-reach places. But there are other uses for aerial lifts as well. Here’s a look at the many different uses of boom and scissor lifts for your business.

For the servicing and maintenance of cable, transmission, and telephone lines

Nowadays, most cable, transmission, and telephone lines are already underground, but there are some areas which still have lines aboveground. This is where an aerial lift serves a valuable purpose since it gives workers access to poles and lines with ease. With the use of an aerial lift, telephone, cable, and transmission line workers can lower their risk of accidents, and the platform of the aerial lift can also accommodate additional instruments and materials aside from the worker. The ideal kind of lift for such jobs is a telescopic boom lift.

For painting tall structures and fixing roofs

Boom lifts and scissor lifts also have an important purpose in the building and construction industry, as these lifts allow workers to be transported to a higher area in order to paint tall structures or buildings. Scissor lifts are ideal for painting jobs because they often have bigger platforms and can accommodate more workers and materials when necessary. But if the job requires movement around obstructions, boom lifts may be a better choice.

Boom lifts and scissor lifts are also useful for various other construction and building tasks, such as roof repair, especially for homes or buildings which have more than one storey, as confirmed by boom lift, scissor lift, and crane hire specialists in Hull such as APH Cranes & Access.

For washing windows

Any business running a cleaning service and offering window washing as part of their services can benefit from aerial lifts since these lifts allow workers to gain easy access to the windows of a structure. The safety of the workers is also enhanced with the use of aerial lifts, since the workers are on a stable platform and can take the necessary materials with them, lessening the need to move up and down whenever they require equipment.

Other uses for aerial lifts

Aerial lifts are immensely useful in construction, but they are also useful for other tasks – for decorating the internal area of a building (such as a hall for special events), for pruning trees, for maintaining city infrastructure, and for rescue. 

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