How to Maintain Your Fire Safety Plan

Setting up a fire plan is absolutely critical for any business. Not only is the large majority of a fire safety plan a legal obligation which businesses must adhere to, but it is also about ensuring that staff and customers are offered safety in the wake of a crisis. Using a fire safety installation service can help businesses to understand what materials and equipment are required; teach how to train staff and help to set up fire exits and evacuation plans. Those businesses with any doubts should always count on a service like this for support. 

Beyond the installation of the plan however, fire safety maintenance is critical to ensuring the continued safety of everyone in the business. Here then, is exactly how to ensure that fire safety plans are maintained through the years. 

Need For Maintenance 

There is a number of reasons why fire safety plans should be maintained. Firstly it is highly likely that over the years staff will come and go, and new staff must be kept up to speed with the plan. Secondly all staff must have refresher training to understand what is required of them. And finally we often see fire safety equipment deteriorate over time, and so making sure they are fit for purpose is critical. 

Annual Refresher

New staff should be trained on the fire safety plan the moment that they are hired, this will form part of their on-boarding with the company. Additionally there should be a clear log of the training date of each member of staff, and refresher training must be carried out on an annual basis. 

Testing Fire Equipment 

Those companies and organizations which provide fire safety materials like extinguishers and fire blankets, will come out and routinely check the equipment. It will however be the responsibility of the business to request these tests, and this is best done on an annual basis too. Some equipment is guaranteed for 2-3 years, but an annual check is always the safest way to go about this. 

Changing Scenery 

If there is anything which changes in the workplace environment it is going to be critical that the fire safety plan is addressed. For example if additional machinery is brought in, or if another building is erected nearby. These small details can have a big impact on the general fire safety plan and that is why it is important to re-do the plan following such an installation.

Fire Point Person 

There should always be someone who is in charge of the fire safety plan for your business. This person will ensure that training is completed and that materials and equipment is routinely checked. Should this person leave, it will be up to management to assign these responsibilities to another, in order to continue the future maintenance of the fire safety plan for the company. 

Fire safety maintenance in the building is very important as having a fire safety plan set up to start with. Always ensure that this is something that your management team is on top of.

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