If Ringo Could Do It…

Toddlers will often grab a fork or a spoon and start banging away on their dishes or the nearest pot before they can do much else in life. Even before the little kids can speak, they know they like to bang on things because it produces sound. It carries over as they become older since the number one requested instrument that most boys in school want to play are the drums. It is no surprise when you think about it. They get to hit things with sticks and it makes a very loud noise. This is every child’s dream.

What Good Can Come of It?

A person learning to drum for the first time can make a huge racket. Anyone in the near vicinity probably would either like to hide the drums or run them over with their car in the beginning. But a funny thing happens after only a few lessons. They start to beat out basic rhythms and it actually sounds like music! While learning how to play the piano or the guitar can take forever, you can drum out rudimentary rhythm fairly quickly with a drum set.

In addition, it has been proven through countless research studies that those who are musically inclined actually have higher IQs. They are not just smarter in the area of music, but their test scores show they are above average in every subject. If this is not enough of an incentive to hand your kid a pair of drumsticks, then think about this. Ordinary drum sets are not nearly as expensive when compared to other instruments.

It’s Not Too Late for You

As an adult, seeing some random person pick up an instrument and start jamming away on it garners quite a bit of respect. Even the weirdest person can go from appearing to be a loser to looking like a well-respected artist in a matter of minutes.

If you have always wanted to play an instrument, it is not too late. There are places that offer drum lessons for both children and adults. Before you spend any money on a drum set, perhaps go in and speak with a local music school. They may have drums and other instruments you can rent for a bit to see if it is truly something you are interested in. A few months from now, you could be the person that amazes others with your musical prowess.