Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Indoor space

Tiny house living is trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean you want to feel you’re living in a tiny home when you’re in your larger home. A small living room can make you feel cramped, overwhelmed, and frustrated when you’re entertaining. It’s easy to wish you had more space, to want a bigger home, or to assume you’re resigned to living in a small space. However, it’s simple to take a small living room and turn it into a space that feels large, accommodating, and comfortable when you apply a few simple design tips.

Consider Double-Duty Furniture

To really create a larger space, considering getting rid of large, bulky furniture in favor of furniture that’s doing double-duty. Rather than a large coffee table, consider a smaller ottoman that’s got plenty of storage space for your blankets, pillows, and other items you like to have near when you’re in the living room. This helps you keep things hidden, and it makes the room appear larger when you have less clutter. If you need inspiration on what particular furniture you need just check out Hudson Furniture and they have everything you need from small to big size furnitures.


The most important thing you can do is get rid of the clutter. Too much stuff in one small space is all it takes to make the space feel even smaller and more claustrophobic. Get rid of knick-knacks and consider décor that’s streamlined and clean. Less stuff makes for more space.

Move the Curtains

If you have heavy drapes, think about getting rid of them. They do little for a small space other than making it feel darker and smaller. Curtains are just fine, but you want curtains that let in a lot of natural light to make the space appear larger and brighter. You also want to hang the rods as close to the ceiling as you can to draw the eye up. It makes the small space feel instantly larger and more inviting. It’s also helpful to leave them open for that natural light to come in. Lots of light makes rooms feel bigger.

Get Rid of Dark Colors

A pop of dark here and there can make a space feel instantly luxe and chic, but a dark room seems much smaller and less inviting. Consider using light colors to decorate your small space to make it appear larger. It’s simple to add lots of bright light to a room with light furniture, light accessories, and even light paint on the walls.

Don’t Forget the Details

It’s always enjoyable to sit in a room that has a beautiful rug, a lovely, and some candles that make the room smell fresh. They might not make the room feel larger, but they do wonders making the room feel more inviting. An inviting room is a room people want to spend more time in no matter the size.

Your small space is not a problem you’re stuck with. You needn’t spend money on a major renovation or a new home. You just need some fresh design ideas and a few unique changes. You can change the entire appearance of your home with a few simple tricks. What’s even better is you can do this on a budget.

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