Types of Timber For Decks

Before you begin to map out the size, consider the features and hire someone to install your timber deck, you have to decide on what kind of timber you are going to use. Timber prices vary greatly depending on the sort of timber you plan to use, and each offers a range of features to consider. Some timbers are more fire resistant than others, some are more durable and others offer features such as being pest resistant and easier to work with. To help with your decision, here are some of the most commonly bought timbers for decks.

Treated Pine Timber

Treated pine timber decking is one of the most popular options owing to its reasonable price, ease of installation and because it looks great. Pine takes on stains very well, it can be colored as you wish and it is more than suitable for outdoor use. Pine is limited in terms of durability and it is not a smart choice if you live in areas where wildfires or harsh weather conditions are common.

Merbau Decking

Merbau timber has long been a popular choice for decking thanks to its high durability and low cost, not to mention the fact that it is insect and rot resistant. This timber was in fact once used to build the structures of houses, which goes to show how dependable it can be. Sustainability issues forced the price of this timber up slightly, which is why we see it used less. You can find a range of sustainably sourced options if merbau is the timber you want.

Jarrah Timber

Whilst jarrah may be one of the more expensive options for your deck, the color of the timber is what sways most people to spend a little extra. This option comes in a range of rich reds and light browns, as well as offering a beautiful grain with little knots throughout. This is a fire resistant timber which has the same durability rating as merbau, which is a 2.

Blackbutt Decking

Blackbutt is the perfect choice for anyone living in area which are threatened by fire. Highly resistant to fire and incredibly durable, this timber comes in a soft pale brown which is consistent throughout the planks. This timber should be sealed immediately to avoid any cracks, and can be stained if you so wish.

Stringy Bark Timber

As far as timber prices go, stringy bark is very much at the higher end of the scale. This is a hardwood which has a durability rating of 3, giving it a long life in your yard or garden. The timber comes in three colors, yellow, red and white, all of which offer something different depending on what you are looking for in your home’s exterior. Stringy bark is both rot and fire resistant, making it a great choice no matter what conditions you live with.

Consider what kind of look you want, what the threats to your deck are and how much money you have to spend before deciding on which timber is right for you.

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