Improve your sleep quality with a weighted blanket

Having a good night’s sleep should be one of our everyday priorities. A sound sleep has many benefits and a great impact on what happens during the day. First of all, when sleeping, we recharge our batteries, which allows us to be active throughout the day. Second of all, it is good for our brain. After a good rest, our concentration and productivity is improved, which makes us better students and/or workers. People who practice sport are more accurate and faster owing to getting enough rest. On the contrary, sleep deprivation can have very serious health consequences, for example it can lead to heart disease or stroke. Sleeping disorders may also result in anxiety or even depression. Therefore, we should attach great importance to sleep and always remember to get enough of good quality sleep.

How to improve sleep quality?

There are various methods which can help us to improve sleep quality. Experts list, among others, reducing the amount of noise and light, daily exercise, not taking naps and eating light meals in the afternoon and avoiding eating food late afternoon and at night. They will certainly help but there is one more revolutionary method, which will certainly allow its users to get a good night’s sleep. It is a weighted blanket.

Gravity blanket is a kind of duvet, which is heavier than usual blankets, since its approximate weight is about 10% of the user’s body. As a result, it makes users stop tossing and turning during the night, which has a large impact on sleep quality and reduces the number of wake-ups. What is more, it stimulates deep pressure touch, which is beneficial for the users’ body, because they feel as if someone was holding or hugging them all night. This feeling is very calming and relaxes the whole body. After spending a night under a gravity blanket, the user feels like a new-born. It is also called an anxiety blanket, since it reduces irritability and is calming for nervous system.

Who can use a gravity blanket?

It helps both people with and without any sleeping disorders. Actually anyone can use it, children, the youth and adults, although people suffering from such health problems as respiratory or cardiovascular diseases or neurosis should first consult a doctor. The most important thing, however, is matching the blanket to a particular user, according to his or her weight. When a gravity blanket perfectly suits the user, its effects are better. In addition, there is also a whole range of colors and patterns of anxiety blankets, so it is not only beneficial for our health, but also pleases the eye.

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