What to Consider When Planning a Trip to India


You’re planning a trip to India! How exciting. India’s tourism sector is growing rapidly as the country welcomes many travelers each year. Here’s what you need to think about to prepare yourself for your trip:

Get your Visa Sorted

One of the very first things travelers need to secure is their visa. For most people this is a very straightforward process that can even be completed from the comfort of your home. Get your online visa India now. You’ll feel so accomplished when you’ve completed the first step to getting your vacation in India started!

What clothing to pack

For women it is especially important to put some extra thought into what clothing you will be packing. India is a place in which you will want to wear modest, yet airy clothing. The weather is warm, but this is not the place to bust out your tube tops or short dresses. Pack tops that cover your shoulders and have a high neckline.

Pants, skirts and dresses should be at least knee length too. It’s also smart to pack a large airy scarf. If you plan to visit temples women will be requested to cover their heads. Plastic flip-flops are pretty essential too if you plan to stay in ashrams or to travel to more secluded areas as showers (If available) are often not the cleanest. Comfortable walking shoes are also a sightseeing must.

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Take a trip to the pharmacy

Before departure, make sure you visit a pharmacy to stock up on some essentials. Malaria is a real thing in India so as well as a mosquito repellent spray, your doctor may advise you to take medicated pills.

While you’re there, ask your pharmacist to recommend something you can take with you to help if you get an upset stomach. ‘Delhi belly’ affects most travelers and if you’re one of them, you’ll be grateful you came prepared. Pick up some other essentials like sunscreen and hand sanitizer while you’re there too.

Take a moment to adjust your expectations

India is an incredibly beautiful country that has so much going on. The country is quite dirty, and doesn’t have all the commodities many westerners have grown accustomed to. If you arrive with a preparedness to face less than pleasant smells, poverty, less then hygienic food preparation standards and see many, many traffic law violations, then you’ll be just fine! Try to take these differences in your stride and open your mind to the beauty of India. Colors are bright and abundant, people are welcoming, food is rich and spicy, and spirituality is everywhere.

You’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime! Take a few moments to prepare yourself, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your vacation to the absolute fullest.

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