Stocking Stuffer Ideas for The Man who Hates Gifts

stocking stuffers

Is the man in your life more like Scrooge than Kris Kringle? If so, then the idea of trying to find the perfect stocking stuffers might make you want to throw in the towel before you even start looking. But don’t give up – here are some ideas for stocking-stuffers that are sure to make your man smile on Christmas morning!

Electronics and devices

Some of the most sought-after electronics and devices are definitely small enough to fit into a stocking, but they often come with extra-large price tags. For stocking stuffers, think about gifting him with accessories to the devices he already owns. A music lover will always appreciate new headphones or an updated mini Bluetooth speaker. Is he always looking for his charger or taking your cables? Consider treating him to a new set of cables and chargers – or better yet, a charging station that will allow him to charge all of his devices at once. Does he have a habit of spilling coffee on his keyboard? A silicone keyboard cover will do the trick! Is he always trying to show you cat videos on his phone? Consider a mini-projector so he can project onto your wall instead.

Clothing and accessories

We all remember getting sweaters and socks on Christmas morning when we were kids, and now that we are adults we appreciate the importance of practical gifts.   But practical doesn’t need to be boring. Consider investing in a small but high-quality item that he would never buy himself but will definitely enjoy wearing. A carefully selected cashmere scarf, soft leather gloves, stylish belts and modern ties will bring a smiled to his face. Take a look at the things he uses everyday, and notice if they need to be replaced or updated. Does everything fall out of his walled when he opens it? Is his watchband frayed or stretched out? Updated and functional accessories are appreciated every time they are used!


Have you ever received a gift certificate for a service that you never ended up using? Avoid making this same mistake by paying attention to the kinds of services your man actually uses – or would like to use! Personal grooming services are a great treat – he might never do it on his own, but what guy would turn down a gift certificate for an appointment with an old-style barber for an expert haircut and a shave or beard trim? Manicures and polished nails might be a bit too far for many men, but most would accept an offer to have all of their shoes professionally polished. Men who might baulk at the idea of a massage for themselves will probably be okay with someone rubbing their car – to apply a new coat of wax, for example. Does he have a closet full of shirts that are missing buttons? How about a giving him a promissory note to take them all to the tailor? Remember, men like to be pampered too – you just need to figure out what makes them feel that way!

With so many options it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift for your man.  Resist the temptation to buy something that seems silly or fun but doesn’t have a clear purpose in his daily life. If he hates receiving gifts, it may be because he considers them to be a waste of money – make sure any gift you choose will be useful to him and he will be sure to love it!

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