Using the Cost of Sunshine Index to Purchase Your Holiday Home

When you are looking at buying a holiday home, you may begin by viewing properties in the sunniest and warmest of locations. But how much could sunshine cost you based on where you buy?

Property Guides have crunched the numbers for us and identified the hotspots with the cheapest sunshine. By looking at an average 50 square metre apartment and owning that property over the next 20 years, they have calculated that by purchasing a property in the Turkish Riviera will cost 85p per hour of sunshine. Whereas, applying the same calculations, buying a property in Eastbourne will cost you £3.86 per hour of sunshine. So where would you choose to buy your next holiday home?

Some of the more expensive sunbeams can be located in more western Mediterranean areas such as Mallorca where you will pay £2.06 per hour of sunshine and Nice costing £2.73. Other slightly more reasonable areas include Cyprus (95p per hour), Tenerife (£1.07 per hour) and Crete (£1.08 per hour).

Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, boasts a magnificent all year round climate and enjoys over 3000 hours of sunshine annually. Even with its clear blue skies, here you will pay £1.17 per hour of sunshine, sounds like a dream come true. So where do the other locations measure up?

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