How To Survive Your First Extreme Winter

Like many of us you will move in your lifetime. Whether it is for work, school, or family; there is a chance this new place may have much harsher winters than your last home. While terrifying at first, fear not! Here is how to survive your first extreme winter in your new home.

extreme winterInvest In Really Warm Clothes
This may seem like a no-brainier but for those who have never experienced a really extreme winter, you are likely underestimating the type of clothes you need. When it is below freezing there and the windchill is biting, there is no reason to try and look fashionable. Your designer leather coat or fashion hoody are not going to save you here, get over the aesthetic and invest in some thick, high-performance outdoor gear. You will also need to get a good pair of boots, that will no only keep your feet warm but also make sure you don’t slip and fall on slick ice (in which case I hope you have the number of some good personal injury lawyers.) Time spent in the cold can be physically exhausting and even dangerous so make sure you are wearing suitable clothes.

Winter-Ready your Car
If you have never driven in snow before the prospect can be terrifying and you will be surprised to see locals cruising through inches of snow on the road like it is no big deal. Remember they have probably been driving in snow their whole lives, also their cars are likely ready for the winter. This means they have good all-season or studded tires and they use freeze-proof coolant and washer fluid. The are also breaking earlier and smarter to avoid spin outs, and may have all-wheel drive vehicles. One a cold morning you might need to give your car (and heater) a few minutes to warm up, so investing in remote start can be a lifesaver if you are a daily commuter. If you need practice driving in the snow, head to an empty parking after a snowfall and get some experiencing starting and stopping. You are also going to want to remember to keep your car washed frequently, as many extreme winter cities use deicing agents like salt on their roads which can quickly turn your car to rust.

Buy a Good Shovel
If you are moving from Los Angeles to Fargo or Bali to Oslo, you likely have needed to buy a snow shovel before. Well, consider it a welcoming gift for your first extreme winter. I quality snow shovel will help you clear your sidewalk (it is your legal responsibility) and is necessary to make it out of your driveway. If you have the time you may want to consider shoveling your neighbors driveway and sidewalk, this is a great way to make new friends in your new extreme winter city.

Yes, we know winters can be isolating, terrifying, and intimidating for first-timers, but trust us; you will learn to love them and especially appreciate the spring!

Ecological eco-pea from Poland
December 19, 2018