What the Flowers You Love Say About You


Almost everyone loves flowers, as they are beautiful, fragrant and are ideal gifts for virtually any occasion. Below are some popular flowers and what your favorite says about you:


The origin of the word daisy comes from an ancient English word that means “day’s eye.” Daisies represent purity, hope and innocence, and bright colored daisies signify cheerfulness. If daisies are your first choice, you are an optimist with the ability to focus on the positive regardless of the situation, and you always make people smile.


Roses have a broad variety of meanings, each of which is dependent on the flower’s color. Red roses symbolize desire, beauty and love. Pink roses mean gentleness, happiness and grace, while white varieties signify purity and silence. Lavender roses are associated with love at first sight, and yellow varieties symbolize friendship, joy or parting. If you love roses, you probably have a classic and timeless style, and think with your heart as opposed to your head.


Overall, lilacs are a symbol of youth and innocence, but can also have various meanings based on their shade. For example, purple lilacs symbolize first love, while white varieties are associated with innocence and humility. If your favorite flower is the beautiful lilac, you are a nostalgic person who loves watching old shows, browsing in antique shops and going through old photographs from your past. You enjoy infusing vintage pieces with your own personal style. You are also a good listener and a loyal friend.


Daffodils are highly popular among many individuals, as they symbolize friendship, love and regard for a person or relationship. If you are among the world’s many daffodil lovers, you put your family and friends first, enjoy hosting events, and have a style that is unique to you. You also have a laid-back, fun personality that puts everyone in the room at ease.


The mighty sunflower signifies adoration–as these flowers always turn their faces toward the sun. They also symbolize dedication and loyalty in love. If your favorite bloom is the sunflower, you probably enjoy being the center of attention and thrive around people. Making friends is also probably high on your priority list. Your style is warm and bright, and you are almost always seen wearing at least one bold statement piece.


Orchids are associated with exotic beauty, mature charm, thoughtfulness and refinement. They also symbolize glorious, proud femininity. If you love orchids, you are likely mysterious and sophisticated. Even though you are usually not the most glamorous or loudest person in the room, people are still drawn to your charisma. Your personal style focuses on charming, unusual details.

You can order flowers from retailers such as flowersforeveryone.com.au to send to a friend or loved one for a special occasion, or you can purchase thoughtful gifts featuring a flowered theme. As they never go out of style, flowers make the perfect gift for essentially anyone and are almost certain to remain one of the most popular items to both give and receive.

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