6 Basics of Organizing a Group Trip

Have you been put in charge of planning a trip for your group or organization? Does the thought of having to move your group of people from the current location to the new destination cause you to have stress and anxiety? If you think about all of the details required to pull this off, it’s probably was good reason that you’re stressed out. However the way to tackling this challenge is to make yourself a plan that clearly shows all of the important details and that lays out a road map to get your group safely and securely to their destination and back. And of course to make sure while they’re there, they have a great time.

So if you find yourself planning a group trip for your group, family, sports team, or class, reading this post will give you a template and details for the important aspects of planning the trip and executing it to perfection.

Choose a Private Transportation Company

If transportation to your group trip is four wheels, and you have a group larger than five or six people, then the best approach is to look into charter bus or minibus rental options. This way whether you decide to drive yourself or that leaving the driving in the hands of a professional driver is better, you have an option. You will also ensure that the vehicle that your group is driving in is well maintained and serviced.

Choosing a charter bus or minibus rental also allows you to have a large vehicle that can be used when you reach your trip location. And many circumstances you would have to rent a vehicle at that location which may be prohibitively expensive or simply impossible to obtain. Additionally you can choose to pick up your group at one location or if some of the members are in farther out locations you can pick them up with the bus. Perhaps the best reason is that by putting everyone in one vehicle, no one will get lost and everyone will arrive on time.

Use Online Maps to Set Your Route

Hopefully one of the reasons that you were putting charge to organize your group trip is because of your planning skills. Coordinating a trip like this will put them to the test. One critical area where you’re planning is needed is on mapping out your road trip. You should use one of the online Maps like Google Maps or Waze to map out the entire trip that your group will be taking. You should also have backup routes just in case your primary root has a problem. Whether you are hiring a bus with a driver or doing the driving on your own, that person should have this information always available. If you were heading someplace where there is a good road lighting, having good maps and GPS can get you through some tough situations. Make sure that you bring along this valuable tool and it will keep you on the road to your destination.

Keep in Mind Your Group Wi Need to Make Stops

You should expect to make many pit stops on your road trip. Your group will need to have bathroom breaks, food stops, brakes for air, and a need to stretch their legs and arms. Collectively you will find yourself making quite a few stops during your road trip. For this reason you need to map out where the rest areas, restaurants, convenience stores and other key stop areas are on your trip. Make sure that you don’t put too much time between stops or your group might complain often.

Take some Planned Detours

In addition to making sure that your group gets chances to stop, you should also be concerned about boredom. If you’re taking a long trip and a vehicle, it can get pretty mundane as the miles fly by. Why not look for landmarks and attractions as an Excursion during your road trip. Follow your map and find any interesting places that are not too far off the beaten path. Plan to make a few of these excursions if the natives are getting restless. You might find that you created and it occasionally opportunity that your group loves.

Will You Need to Sleep Overnight?

Be sure to book any accommodations that you need along the drive in advance of your hitting the road. Austin smaller hotels fill up quickly and if you do not have a booking, you and your group might find yourself sleeping in the minibus. There are many wonderful online websites that you can use to book hotels, motels, and lodges anywhere in the country.

Games and Other Activities Make the Time go Faster

This is a great time for you to call up some of the games that you and your families played when you took road trips as a child. The Charter a minibus might have a built in television that also plays movies. This can serve as a great distraction for your group. Also pack playing cards, board games, group games handheld video games, music players and anything else that you can Corral to keep your troops distracted as the road miles pile up. If you do this part right by the time they notice how far you’ve driven, you’ll be there already.

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