3 Advantages of Using Screen Recording to Save Online Videos

Online Videos

Recently screen recording is being frequently used as a way to save online videos. In part its current surge in popularity is due to the availability of user-friendly software and even built-in screen recorders on macOS and Windows 10.

However aside from that the fact of the matter is that screen recording has several advantages that make it a useful tool to save online videos:

Able to save any online videos from any source

One of the main reasons screen recording is so useful is that it can save any online video. It doesn’t matter if it is a video on social media, websites, online streaming platforms, livestreams, ephemeral videos, or even videos playing within an app – as long as it is on your screen you will be able to record and save it using a screen recorder.

No other option to save online videos is as versatile in this regard. In fact if you’ve used other options in the past you’ll probably know all too well that most only work with certain platforms – and even then may not always be able to save the videos that you want.

No restrictions or limitations

Another key difference between screen recording and the other options to save online videos is that it has no restrictions and limitations. Using screen recording you can save online videos regardless of their duration, quality, or file size.

The only slight limitation is that the maximum resolution that you can record videos in will be the resolution of your display. That being said if you’re going to be watching videos on that display anyway, there is no point saving it in a resolution that is any higher.

No advertisements, pop-ups or adware

Many of the options to save online streaming videos rely on advertising to generate income. As such you end up exposed to countless advertisements and popups. Some of the software-based video downloaders have adware packaged in them that will be installed onto your computer.

Generally speaking you won’t need to worry about any of that with a screen recorder. All that you need to do is choose one that is reliable, and you can avoid having to deal with ads of any kind and won’t need to install an ad-blocker to cope with them.

Some people shy away from screen recording due to how complicated it appears, but nowadays the software itself is normally easy to use. For example you can learn how to download a video from a website in minutes using Movavi Screen Recorder.

The only slight disadvantage of screen recording is that it can take longer than downloading a video via conventional means. Essentially you will have to play the video to record it, so it will take at least as long as the video duration.

Now that you know the advantages of using screen recording, why not give it a try? Keep in mind that you can use it to save far more than just online videos, and be sure to explore any possibilities that you find useful.

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April 19, 2023