Types of Metal Used At Home

Throughout the home we use a wide variety of metals when carrying out DIY jobs. from brass and copper to steel and iron, the home is full of metals which carry out certain functions. When it comes to DIY aluminum however is the most commonly used kind of metal. The reason why aluminum is used so much is because it is low cost, incredibly flexible, easy to work with and it can be used for a wide range of functions, regardless of what DIY job you are doing.

When buying aluminum however, it is important that you know what kind of product you require and what kind of grade you need. Aluminum comes in a range of types and grades, and here is what to look out for.

Commonly Used Grades

In terms of using aluminum around the home, these are the grades which are most commonly used, and what they can be used for in DIY projects:

Alloy 2024 – There is no doubt that this is the most popular aluminum choice, used in a wide variety of projects around the home. This particular grade offers high strength alloy with a positive combination of strength and fatigue resistance. There are some concerns about the corrosion resistance of this grade, with this being said, stores selling aluminum will treat this with an anodized finish for increased resistance.

Alloy 3003 – This grade is flexible and strong thanks to the added manganese which is given to the alloy. Alloy 3003 is easy to work with and it is incredibly resistant to corrosion, yet more reasons why it is so widely used. Beyond this it is a grade which can be welded, brazed and spun, providing more product options.

Alloy 6061 – This is by far the most versatile of all the heat-treatable alloys, and the range of products which use alloy 6061 is incredibly vast. This grade can be fabricated in just about any way that the DIYer needs, and it offers excellent levels of corrosion resistance. Alloy 6061 is strong, versatile and very easy to work with.

Types of Products

There are many more grades of aluminum yet they are more often used in industrial and commercial products. The three alloys listed above are certainly the most widely used in the home. Within these products you will be able to buy aluminum sheets, tubes and large planks which can then be cut and welded to fit your needs.

Prior to buying your product, ensure that you know what grade it is that you are looking for. When it comes to products made with aluminum Melbourne retailers are excellent at providing advice around what kind of strength and flexibility you should be looking for. Before investing in any products ensure that you have considered what features you need for your project. This will include strength, resistance to corrosion, weight to strength ratio and workability.

There is no doubt that aluminum is the obvious choice when it comes to the metal that you need for your DIY project in the home.

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