The Benefits of Customizing Your Team’s Uniform

When your sports team takes to the court or the field, how do they look? Are they wearing colored bibs to highlight which side they are on or do they have matching uniforms? If they do not have matching uniforms then you may be missing a trick and whilst it may not seem important in terms of how your team play, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I coach a local football team here and for many years we let the guys use whatever jerseys they wanted, and we would then give them bright colored bibs to use when they played. Last year some additional funding came in and we decided to get some customized sports gear for them, and how are fortunes changed. If you want high quality customized outfits for your team then visit OTG sports, the best in the business in my view, and here are just some of the benefits which you can count on.

Team Work

We kitted our team out in uniforms and off-field apparel and the difference which we saw in teamwork was quite remarkable. There is something very unifying about wearing the same outfit as your teammates, it helps to identify you and when you look around you get a real sense of the team ethic, simply because others are wearing the same colors as you are.


We noticed a real difference in the way that other teams saw us when we arrived to play against them. Regardless of the ability which your team has, there is something about being kitted out in the same clothes which puts the fear into other teams. Very often we saw that look of ‘who are these guys?’ when we arrived to play another team and I can’t help thinking that this gave us the psychological edge over many teams.


Many of our players have some tough lives away from the field of play and I know that for them, playing the sport which they love is something which gives them a much needed release from their daily lives. The uniforms added an extra dimension to this and many of our team definitely feel a greater sense of belonging when they wear the equipment. Many of our team will wear their team’s colors away from the pitch and I have seen them at school and out and about, proudly using the customized kit which we got for them.

Fan Involvement 

We have a very small group of fans, mostly parents of the team admittedly, who love to come out and watch us play. Something which none of us expected was that those fans would start to buy the same training tops and sports jackets that our players were using. Most games there will always be a couple of people watching who are wearing these items and it really helps the team to see how many people are supporting them.

Through the simple purchase of some customized gear, we have managed to solidify the team, become recognized more, improve performance and help the players and fans feel as though they have a team to belong to, and you can do the same.

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