Which Sport Should You Be Putting Your Money On?

Online sports betting has completely revolutionized the way in which we enjoy sport and it has given millions of people the opportunity to make money with ease. No longer do gamblers need to head into smoky betting shops, something which gave many would-be punters a little bit of trepidation, these days we can simply get our phone out of our pockets or open our laptops and gamble freely. Online betting has brought with it far greater exposure to different sports too and there have never been more sports and markets to bet on than there is right now. The question is, which sport should you be placing your money on and more importantly how should you bet on each sport. Today we’re going to look at how best to bet on different sports in order to maximize your profits.



The most popular sport for gambling is football and the amount of worldwide games that you can bet on across a range of different markets is incredible. The most successful methods of betting are without question the in-play markets. Betting on the number of goals and corners specifically can help you to be profitable, you may not win huge amounts of money each time, but doing repeatedly will build that cash pot and you will have the benefit of already getting a feel for the game.

Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing online is easier than ever before and there are some fantastic odds online, often far better than you will find in the betting shops. There are also far more options available to you when betting online when it comes to multiple bets, you can easily bet on 3-folds, accumulators, yankees, goliaths and everything in between, the perfect way to boost your winnings.


Snooker is proving to be a successful method of betting for many people, particularly when it comes to in-play betting. Aside from betting on straight winners and tournament champions, you can also bet on next ball potted, next color potted, over/under scores and even match times. There are many tournaments across the World that are taking place all of the time which gives you even more opportunities to make money.


Darts has grown greatly as a popular sport in recent years and the betting opportunities give many punters a lot of chances to win money. Similar to snooker, this is best done via the in-play markets and you will often find great odds on set betting and 3-dart averages. There are some great cash builders out there too and with players like Michael van Gerwen regularly hitting more 180s than his opponent, consistent performers like him can give you many options to boost your balance.

What is your favorite sport to bet on? Got a method that works best? Why not share it in the comments section below.

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