Social Media a new way of communication

The world has become a global society with new technologies accommodating a lot of people. These new technologies have become the commonplace of interaction on different issues. Imagine a world without social media, the internet, and even Online gambling south Africa games. That would be boring, right?

Social Media Platforms


Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook in February 2004. With February being the month of love, people embracing the innovation fondly. As they had found a new way to communicate with their loved ones. With 2.1 Billion users, Facebook has become the new way of communication. Different sectors worldwide use the platform for sharing opinions, pictures, and videos.


With about 328 million monthly users, Twitter has become a fast-paced way of communication. It allows users to share information in a flash in 140 or fewer characters. Twitter is a very lucrative platform. The use of hashtags is a unique way of sharing opinions and news.


The Facebook-owned app has attracted a majority of the younger generation with 700 million monthly active users within a space of two years. How did that happen? If this kind of gamble can be applied to casino games such then that would be a good take.

Instagram opted to do things differently from Facebook. They introduced filters and stickers to capture the enthusiasm of the younger generation. Instagram records about 250million users daily. Their stories alone surpassing Snapchat’s 166 million users.

Why Social Media?

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are tempting people to broadcast their content and lifestyle on the internet. Celebrities mainly use Twitter to share what kind of shoes they wear or the kind of restaurants they dine at.

Social media has created an easy way for people to communicate, share and receive content. All this is done in real-time. Facebook Live and Twitter Live became available in 2016. This changed the whole ball game with people using the platforms for serious personal issues, while they were meant to spice up the fun. But even people abuse casino games by using them as a source of income instead of a hobby. This results in a lot of frustrations, naturally.