The Smartphone 5G network on the Horizon

Time flies, but technology in the world seems to be keeping up with the pace as they are unveiling new inventions now and again. Venturing into the 5G network is one of the latest exploits. The smartphones we are going to use when the world’s first 5G network is launched in 2019 will be extremely fast.

The fast 5G network will improve the downloading speed on the internet. Several top tyelecomms companies have signed a deal with developers Qualcomm Snapdragon for the X50 5G NR modem. This will pave a way for smartphones users to experience a multi-gigabit per second download. Basically, this tech will make playing newzealand casino online games via mobile so much more fun because of the internet speed.

However, this clearly means that the newly introduced LG G7, Samsung S9 and Note 9 will be the last 4G capped smartphones.

5G Network the game changer

The Qualcomm Company is saying that the invention of the 5G network will speed up the internet to make room for more efficient connectivity. The providers want the smartphone users to do away with connecting to the public WIFI. Despite this, the coming of the 5G network will offer advanced video call quality (UHD) Ultra High Definition and an instant connectivity to cloud. The 5G network will even make computers work more effectively with the application of sensor data that will enable wireless cloud-based applications.

The 5G network has the potential of providing and influencing the use of self-driving cars due to its network prowess. Moreover, 5G network will come along with new applications that will be used on the fast-paced network. So there will be more things for people to enjoy with the new technology.

Playing online slots game on such a robust network is a lot more fun. There are fewer chances of glitches which result in loss of bets. The faster connection speeds also mean that the games will more responsive which is always a plus.

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