Role of Mobile Apps In Shaping The Future Of Sports Gambling


Sports gambling have been played for centuries. In times, when animal-drawn carts were the only mode of transportation, people were placing wagers on their races. Like everything else, sports have also been evolved with passing time, and so is sports betting.

From the previous decade, we have seen how gambling is also moving from the physical to digital medium. Online gambling platforms became a thing of interest for young blood. They were happier in placing bets from the comfort of their homes through desktops. However, technology doesn’t cease to progress, e.g., chips transformed into microchips and then into the nanochips. All this development has shrunk the sizes of electronic gadgets. As a result, now the computation capability of a handheld device is many times faster than the whole servers of the 90s.

This unheard of prevalence of Smartphones and the introduction of its ‘apps’ have transformed many industries. As of now, there are around 17 million smartphone users in a country with the population of 24 million. So, it is only a matter of time when our lives will be entirely shifted to the realm of handheld gadgets.

The development of smartphones and its apps demands a book to be written, but here we will narrow down our topic of discussion to the impact of it in the backdrop of sports gambling.

Convenient to use

People have become so used to operate their smartphones and tablets that they want every feature of daily life in their hands. From books, to academic lectures to fitness guide, everything is now available on few inch screens through different apps. Similarly, people who are into sports betting want to fulfil their passion/hobby through their smartphones.

Betting companies read this trend and tendency few years ago and came up with mobile betting apps. With mobile sports betting app, you are no longer required to sit in front of your desktop. You can place bets and keep yourself updated in the comfort of your bed or couch without moving an inch, all thanks to smartphones and wireless internet.

Moreover, how awesome is it to place a pre-game bet on bluebet mobile app while sitting in the stands, watching the game and witnessing a real-time change in the odds?

Free and Unlimited

Mobile apps are free and unlimited in their scope of use. This is another aspect which has changed the prospects of sports gambling forever. In most of the cases, you don’t have to pay a single buck for downloading a mobile sports betting app.

Furthermore, these apps are not limited to just one sports or a certain geographical area. You can place different types of wagers on dozens of sports and races and from anywhere in the world. You can also manage to play multiple bets at the same time through mobile apps.

It is the writing on the wall that sports gambling is not about tickets and waits for a certain event anymore. With mobile apps, one is able to place wager on any internationals sports anywhere in the world anytime.

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