Look at the best landmarks to visit in Europe


A number of people, who are travel enthusiasts, keep Europe in their wish list to visit someday. The continent that had been the melting pot of cultures for centuries is rich in heritage, natural beauty, flora and fauna and in every possible way. The continent has some really beautiful landmarks, which are historically as well as culturally significant.

The cuisines, the architecture, the history, the royal sophistication of the continent altogether make Europe a perfect destination that offers the tourists with every flavor of a beautiful tour. There are many factors, which make the various countries of Europe particularly significant as landmarks in the world. Be it France, Britain, Denmark, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Athens and many other regions of Europe, you can experience different facets of the same culture at each of these places and know about them from KnowledgeForSuccess. Here we have rounded up some of the best and recommended landmarks of Europe, which you must visit once if you are planning a Europe tour soon, do remember that when travlling Europe, you will need an EHIC card, go to this site to view more.


The capital of Britain, London has been the lifeline of Europe for centuries. The city is like home for everyone no matter the purpose behind your visit. The historical significance of the city is immense and there are so many architectural excellence that you can look through all in one place. The Buckingham palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth and it has been the attraction among tourists across the world. It is open to tourists and the historical as well as the architectural value of this palace is immense.

If you want to shop for some souvenirs, which are affordable, and at the same time beautiful then the Portobello Road market is the right place for you. This region is filled with all types of merchants and you can actually find everything you can think about. Among other attractions there are Hyde Park, the national gallery, Tower Bridge, Houses of parliament and many more.

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A spectacular city that is almost entirely on the water, you can enjoy the venezia charm which is the main attraction of the Venice. Visit the Saint Mark’s Basilica or tour the city in a gondola; you would surely fall in love with the old world charm of this city. If you want you can also go to the rialto bridge or to the Teatro La Fenice. Another very significant place is the bridge of sighs and doge’s palace.


The cultural melting pot of the world, the city of Paris is also called the city of love. The city of Paris has been always a major attraction to tourists across the world. There are various landmarks in this city and the natural beauty of the city altogether is enchanting. The iconic landmark of Paris is the Eiffel tower and another is the Musee du Louvre. The sacred heart basilica of Montmartre is another major landmark of the city, which is also known as Sacred Heart. The overall natural beauty around Paris is also spellbinding.

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