Facts about Eggs That Are Not True

Eggs are the most common foods in anyone’s diet. Well, that is if you are not vegan. We actually think that the reason that they are popular is that they are easy to make. Have you ever noticed that when children learn how to cook, the first thing they can make are eggs?

That is not the only reason why they are popular as their nutritional value is exceptionally high. When we are talking of foods that will provide you with all the nutrients then you know we are talking of eggs. Okay, enough with the blubbering. Let’s get into it as we tell you what is true and false about eggs. Did you know that know at kiwi betting you can get games that are related to eggs such as Dragon Egg Slot.

Do brown eggs contain more nutrients than white ones?

Now, this is one of the most talked about or should we say believed myth there is. The reason people say this might be because of a couple of reason that include, the fact that brown bread is healthier than white bread. Brown sugar is healthier than white. And also brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs.

But that is not the case, all eggs have the same nutritional value. Be it white, brown or blue eggs. The eggs shell color does not determine the nutritional value. The shell color is a matter of genetics, the same way we have black, white people, Asians the list goes on.

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Eggs White vs Egg Yolk

This is a debate amongst people who are on a diet. As they have it that egg yolks are useless. In the sense that they contain nutrients that they want to do away with like carbohydrates, fats. But did you know that you need to eat the whole egg? The yolk and egg white both contain the same amount of protein that you need. So eat up!