The Best Upcoming Cross-Platform Casual Games to Look Forward To This Year

What Cross-Platform Casual Games will win over gamers on smartphones this year?

Photo by CC user michaelnugent on Flickr

The smartphone market is dominated by devices running two well-known operating systems, each one with their own proprietary software marketplace. Both of these have over 1 million pieces of software, and about a third of each (around 500,000) are games. The majority of these games are casual, with only a handful of them requiring more than minimal dedication. This makes casual games the most popular mobile games ever. Most casual games run as native apps on their respective operating system. Cross-platform games are rare, so they should be highly appreciated.

Here are three of the most anticipated cross-platform casual games set to be released through Royal Vegas online casino before the end of the year.


With Halloween gone, it’s time to look for fun in other directions. If said direction happens to involve a fantasy world inhabited by dragons, the success of the game is almost guaranteed. Dragonz, the slot machine set to hit the Royal Vegas this November, appears to be built using this age-old formula – and it looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun to play.

The game will feature three cute little dragons (and a fourth one, but it is a bit ugly) – Flint, Switch, Frost, and Gobble – living in a picturesque fantasy environment. Each of the four will come with its own set of features, including their own Free Spins with tons of extra benefits.

Jurassic World

The Royal Vegas released a video slot machine based on the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park back in 2014. The game was a great success – which is not a surprise, considering its amazing graphics, great atmosphere, and the fact that it featured dinosaurs. The casino now prepares a sequel to the game, based on last year’s sequel to the movie. While there is no word on the exact release date of the game (nor on what features we can expect to see in it), it is still one of the most anticipated games of the year.

The developers behind the game have announced the start of their work back in February. Hopefully, the game will see the light of day before the end of the year.


Last, but not least, another slot machine based on one of the most popular characters ever invented: John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke – better known by his ape name Tarzan. The developer has announced its licensing deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., along with its hopes for the game to be released before the end of the year. With all the possibilities hidden inside the Tarzan lore, the game will surely be an exciting and entertaining one. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for it for too long.

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