What Should You Do After a Botched Cosmetic Surgery?

In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 150,000 cosmetic surgery procedures are performed every year. The popularity of cosmetic surgeries has risen over the years. The procedures are no longer just for the celebrities and the elites. A lot of people have embraced these surgeries to enhance their physical appearance. However, the major problem is when the surgery goes wrong. What happens when you are not happy with the cosmetic surgery results? Can you sue for loss and damage?

Cosmetic surgery is not any easy decision to make. It takes a lot of thinking and meditation before you decide to enhance your physical appearance. The decision is mainly based on successful procedures and expectations. A reliable cosmetic clinic should be in a position to guarantee to meet your expectations. However, it is sad that there are thousands of botched cosmetic surgeries reported every month. This could be as a result of negligence of the cosmetic surgeon or unpleasing post-procedure results.

The challenge with cosmetic surgery

Before the procedure, the patient and the surgeon should discuss the surgery. However, both of them may differ in views of a successful cosmetic surgery procedure. This is the main challenge, as the surgeon may argue that the procedure was a success, while you might not agree. To avoid such a scenario, the surgeon should inform you about any pros and cons associated with the procedure. You should also be given time to think about the known risks related to cosmetic surgery. If after a decision is made, a surgeon goes ahead, but somehow breaches their ‘duty of care’, there are cosmetic surgery claims you can initiate.

What can you claim as compensation?

There are lots of damages related to cosmetic surgeries. It depends on the type of surgery you underwent. Among the surgeries are facelifts, brow lifts, nose jobs, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, botox injections, tummy tucks, liposuction, laser eye surgery, and breast reduction and breast augmentation. However, there are common damages you can claim compensation for related to any of these surgeries.

When a cosmetic surgery goes wrong, you can be compensated for;

  • Cost of care

  • Loss of earnings as a result of the damage

  • Psychological and physical injuries

  • Cost of correcting the faulty surgery

Although the damage may be clear, these cases are very complicated. A cosmetic surgeon will argue his case to prove his diligence in the entire process. Without a cosmetic surgery lawyer, the patient may lose the case. You can find an experienced beauty solicitor at joanneduplessis.com. With the right help, you can be assured of a valuable compensation for the botched cosmetic surgery.

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