Arranged Marriages


There are a lot of cultures in which people are still forced to wed people that are chosen for them by other people. This practice is not only limited to the more remote regions of the world. Even the more “affluent” communities force their young people into strategic partnerships.

There are a very large number of reasons why people end up being married to someone who is not of their choosing. These reasons are as many as there are types on real money online slots and can be found here casino aus online casino games. And just like the casino games, the features may change but the basics remain the same.

Arranged marriages have some of the most well planned and executed weddings. This is naturally the result of all the “arranging” that takes place in the background. Both parties/families play an important role in making sure that the wedding ceremony is a success. The reason that the families do this is because the event is direct reflection on the families that are being joined instead of the two individuals. Therefore there is a lot of family support in the planning of the wedding. In fact in a large number of places where the tradition is still practiced the bride and groom basically take a back seat role in the planning of their wedding day. They only have to participate at the ceremony.

Reasons why weddings are still arranged

The majority of people that follow the culture of arranging marriages do it out of following custom. It is the only way that they know how to do things. The traditions have been around for several generations. Thus, the grandparent’s marriage was arranged, the parents’ wedding was arranged and therefore it is the only normal not to deviate.

Another group of people that are arranging marriages are the opportunistic parents of the modern age. These parents use all manner of tricks and cunning to get their children married to “right” family. The right families are people that will catapult the family to a new social or financial classification.

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