Are you working or travelling here?

Whenever you’re travelling, and meeting new people, there are usually two first questions people ask you. First one, are you travelling or working here? And the second one, what do you do for work? For most of the people out there these are the easiest questions to answer. As it’s not so complicated to say that yes, you’re travelling, and back home you’re…let’s say, an accountant. And everyone understands it well.

For me, however, those two questions seem to be the most difficult ones to answer usually. Especially if I’m in Malta at the time. Why? The first thing is that whenever I’m travelling, I’m also working. I don’t have vacations. Wherever I go, I have my laptop with me, and I work on the same things as I would back home. I just need my recently bought ASUS laptop, and wifi. And as to what I do for work, that’s where it gets more complicated. One of my best friends told me years ago, that whenever someone asks me what I do for living, I should tell them I’m a consultant. Why? Well, because even one of my best friends couldn’t really understand what I do for work. So once I tried that out. Someone asked me what I do for work and I said, well, I’m a consultant. She said wow, it sounds great, so what are you doing exactly? Well, that answer sort of ruined it all, me having to explain what I do for work anyway. But well, at least I tried. And when I mentioned, that the biggest problem with those two questions I have in Malta, the reason for that is simple. During the past four years I have been here around 10 times, always for a month or more. So asking me if I’m living here or travelling….well, it’s very complicated to answer. I’m just here. Until I’m not. And I’m working here. Until I’m not. And the work I do, very few people seem to understand it even in this day and age, is running my own websites, programming, coding, working with advertisers. And that’s a simple way of explaining it. But it’s actually not very specific. As that’s still not the way I make money. Sometimes I write about Flat earthers and claim that’s work. Although it’s not. Or at least it doesn’t pay.

A friend I mentioned, once also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if I was actually selling drugs, and spent my days being high, wondering where to buy lottery tickets online? The weird thing is that he’s not actually so wrong. Well, he is wrong about the drugs, but I do spend a lot of my time wandering around the internet and doing pretty much nothing.

Life if weird.

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