Are men ready for a real relationship with a girl working in the adult industry?

A variety of erotic services enjoy popularity all over the world: striptease, selling intimate photos, virtual communication in online chats, webcam broadcasts and much more. 

We started wondering how modern men felt about girls’ working in the adult industry. Would they go on communicating with a girl in real life if they learned she had experience in the adult industry? 

Once the question was raised, we decided to conduct a survey among men and learned curious stories about guys’ reaction to situations like this and how their relations with the girl developed further. We publish the most interesting answers here, preserving the anonymity of the participants.

William, 34 y.o.: married to a former webcam model

For those who don’t know, let us clarify that webcam models are girls who broadcast via a web camera and communicate with users from different countries in an online chat room, earning decent money for this. There are special websites for broadcasting, and it’s one of these that the young man’s wife used to work for. Here’s what he says about it:

“At that point we had already been dating for some time, planning to move in together. Everything was getting serious, we were discussing different options. And one day she mentioned that she used to work as a model on BongaCams. Well… of course, I can’t say I was thrilled. I got a little freaked out about it, but in general, it didn’t affect my attitude in any way. She was going through a hard time back then, she needed money, and the opportunity presented itself. She started earning good money, managed to pay for her second university degree, bought a car… I didn’t even think that girls could earn so much money online! Now we’re doing great, and I’m glad we’re together.”

Leo, 28 y.o.: in a relationship with a girl who makes money selling her intimate photos

Another interesting story was told by a guy aged 28. He told that he started dating a girl and only after that did he find out that she was selling her erotic pics on the Internet.

“I knew she liked to do nudes… It’s such a thing now. But I had no idea she was selling these pictures to anyone. At first it stressed me out that I wasn’t aware of it at all, but then I gradually realized that she enjoyed feeling sexy and making money on it, fueling her self-confidence. After discussing everything, we even picked out a good camera together later on, so that she could take cool pictures. You can say that now we’ve reached a new stage in our relationship: more intimacy and mutual understanding.”

Henry, 29 y.o.: doesn’t mind dating a girl who works in the adult industry

We also started wondering what guys who have never faced a situation like this think. How would they react if they found out that the girl they liked worked or had worked in the adult industry? Most young men said they did not see anything wrong in it. Ivan, for example, suggested that he probably wouldn’t mind:

“I think if you really like a girl, you can come out with a compromise in almost any situation – you just have to want to! Probably, to begin with I’d find out what the job was and why the girl chose it. For example, if she fancies the attention she gets, it’s understandable. Many girls like to feel attractive – for the same reason they take lots of selfies and constantly post stories, getting lots of likes. Why not make money on it as well? 🙂 I remember getting into talking to a model on BongaCams once. She told me that her boyfriend knew about her work on a webcam site and they had been dating for a long time. I think if there is no threat to the relationship and there is complete trust within the couple, it’s possible to find a solution that will make both of them happy. The main thing is that there should be no misunderstandings or doubts. In short, I would probably not mind.

Judging by these and many other stories we can say that modern men don’t rule out the possibility of dating a girl who works or has experience in the adult sphere. Moreover, many see the positive aspects of it and openly talk about their views. Most guys like the fact that their girl is beautiful and seductive enough to make a vivid impression and to attract the attention of many men. In addition, among the advantages many note the good money girls make in the adult industry, which helps them being financially independent from guys. Obviously, there is less and less prejudice in the society, and along with the rapidly increasing demand for adult entertainment, the scope of erotic services is also expanding.