5 Signs you’ve outgrown your Job

It’s rare nowadays for someone to stay in the same job or at the same employer for their entire career – most people will end up moving between companies and job roles on a semi-regular basis. Whether this is because they want to change what they do, they want to advance in their career and see better opportunities outside or because they’ve simply outgrown their environment, sometimes a change is just what you need. But change is always a little intimidating, letting go of a steady job to take a risk and try something new is never easy. If you’re thinking of making the big leap, here are 5 signs that it might be time you start looking at job’s sites.

1. You feel under-utilised

Building up your repertoire of skills and ensuring you bring something to the table is something that comes after a lot of time working in a set role, your portfolio of skills and abilities will increase and so will what your job requires of you. But one of the most frustrating things that can happen in your work-life is having well developed skills that you have no opportunity to use. Being stuck in the same position and not being able to use all of the abilities you’ve acquired is a sure sign that you need to look for something that will really allow you to shine.

2. Your progression has stagnated

If you’re looking for job security, becoming indispensable is the best way to guarantee that you will always have a position. However, this comes with additional problems – specifically, the problem of whether or not you can be promoted. Your progression can stagnate and become locked in place purely because the business, and your boss, needs you to continue in your current role. In truth, the same abilities that make you so valuable in your current position will translate over to a higher one but the gap left by your promotion may be difficult to fill. If you’re trapped in such a situation, you need to start looking outside your current employer for the answer.

3. Lack of Faith in your boss

For a hard worker, having a lacklustre boss is one of the most demoralising things to have to deal with. If you feel like your manager isn’t doing a terrific job, you’re not alone – according to a survey of 500 UK employees, conducted by bgo.com, about 60% of employees across multiple sectors in the UK believe that they’d be a better manager than their direct superior. The reasons for this could range from a false impression of superiority on behalf of the employee to a genuine problem with the line manager’s approach to work, but if you don’t think your boss is up to the job then it might be for the best if you consider moving on to bigger and better things.

4. Loss of Enthusiasm

Working without passion is a sure-fire way to have disappointing results for both yourself and your boss, if your job just doesn’t light that spark inside you any more, then it could be time for you to have a look at moving on. If the sector that you’re working in is the problem, then moving to an industry that you’re more enthusiastic about is a great way to re-invigorate yourself and get the creative juices flowing once more. If you’re particularly bold, you might even consider starting your own business!

5. There’s no more challenge

It can be so easy to fall into an easy job where you don’t need to test yourself and can simply keep working away, but if you’re ambitious then there can be days when there’s nothing worse than being bored with your job. If you feel that you’ve reached a plateau and that your current job is just not going to provide an adequate challenge, then you owe it to yourself to see if there’s a job out there that can really test what you’re made of.

How many of these signs do you recognise in yourself? Do you think there’s a better sign that you need a new job? Let us know in the comments below!