5 Promotional Giveaways That Always Work

Branded Promotions

There is a variety of promotional products that company keeps a stock of to be given out to employees and customers on a regular basis. You must’ve received hundreds of such products as well.

So, what kind of promotional products must a company have in stock always? What kind of promotional giveaways are suitable to be given to customers? Here we discuss five types of promotional products that smart marketers always make sure they have on hand.

You never know when your company might need to delight a customer with a promo product!

1- Branded Pens

Pens are simple. They’re useful, and pens never go out of style. Every company maintains a stock of their own branded pens that represent their unique identity. Giving out promotional pens is one of the simplest and oldest promotions that generate brand recognition.

Whether these branded pens are placed at the front desk of the company for the customers or they’re used by the employees, these pens are one of the basic and effective promotional giveaways.

2- Promotional Products for Different Price Points

Some of these giveaways can be of relatively higher cost. By doing so you’re creating tiers of products which can be given out as needed depending on the nature of various occasions. For instance, the company’s one dollar item gets handed to everyone who comes in and goes out through the door, but the three dollar item can be reserved for those sales representatives who are making calls and achieving the sales targets!

That’s why a company must create three or four similar tiers to stay prepared. Most of the companies give out tri-highlighters, computer screen cleaner and sticky books.

3- Technology Related Items

The best promotional products are those which are useful to other people. And tech promotional products are certainly one of those. One of the reasons why you give out these items is to increase the exposure of your brand, and as it turns out one of the most successful ways to do that is by giving out things that people find valuable so they’ll actually use them and will let other people see them too. That’s why companies have been doing this for a long time now, giving out trendy and useful tech related items like 4-port USB hub, screen cleaner key chain, phone stands and USB mini car charger.

4- Light-hearted Items

It isn’t necessary that all your promotional products are business and office related. It’s also necessary to show the fun and lighter side of the company at times. That’s why your company needs some fun, light-hearted giveaways that leave lasting impressions and make your brand memorable. Beach ball stress reliever, talking pens etc. are some good options to consider.

5- Items That Can Be Given Away

Giving out products that people love to pass on can be very effective promotional products. It turns people into brand advocates. Such items include collapsible water bottle, CD pouches, notebooks and diaries.

For more ideas about useful promotional giveaways visit this website and pick the ones you like.

Giving out promotional products to customers and employees is a traditional concept. It’s nothing new, but the important thing to remember is that it will never go out of style. The three types of promotional giveaways mentioned here can never be deemed outdated. They’ve fulfilled the purpose of giving out promotional giveaways, and they’ll continue to do so.

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