10 Simple Hacks to Make Your Garden More Attractive

When it comes to giving your home a new look, the garden is usually the last place on your list for areas to spend money on. The living room, kitchen and bedrooms are where most of your time is spent so it stands to reason that those would be the areas to look at first. With that being said, having a good looking garden is something that many of us want, especially when the sun starts shining but spending money on outdoor settings and ornaments won’t always be possible. The solution is simple, hack it, there are loads of ways in which you can re-up your garden without spending a small fortune and here are 10 tips how.


Go Old School

Get down to the flea market or a charity shop and pick up old bits of metal, bicycles, hub caps or pots and pans, old pieces of metal look great in the garden and contrast perfectly with fresh colors of flowers and grass.

Herb Garden

Make an awesome and simple herb garden with the purchase of a hanging shoe rack, they very cheap to buy. Hang it on an exterior wall and fill each of the ‘shoe’ holes with earth, plant some seeds and hey presto, your very own hanging herb garden.

Pallet Decking

Some of the best looking gardens have a section of decking, often with tables and chairs placed on top, decking however is expensive. Instead of buying up expensive decking from a garden store, why not try and get yourself some pallets from any type of factory or warehouse, sometimes you can even get them for free. You can use the pallets in heir entirety for your decking or break them down and just use the panels. You can connect two pallets by interlocking them using loose panels and before you know it you have an area of decking that you can be proud. Protect your decking with some wood varnish and add a splash of paint of your choosing.

Cool Plant Pots

Add some sparkle to your garden with some funky plant pots using old Wellington Boots, grab a bunch of different colors and sizes to really give your garden a fun look.


You can pick up mirrors from hardware stores or old ones from charity shops and they look great placed around the garden, especially if your garden is small. The mirrors reflect the sunlight at different angles and make your garden look more expansive.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are cheap and easy to come by and they make for a great garden wall, stack them up or simply lay them out in a line to create separate areas of your garden. The beauty of using these cinder blocks is not solely the price and the look, but they also have holes inside them which you can use to plant things in giving you a garden wall with a twist.